WAVES Jump Start
If you are new to the WavesPlatform and haven't got enough WAVES to pay the fees for your first WAVES buy, you came to the right place!

Our WAVES address: 3PPRLpTAn9ku11YpPh1YfZcojCgopeet6er
Current balance: 203,019.4119 WAVES | Next payout: 2017-08-25 | WAVES rate: $4.37 |
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You are new to the WavesPlatform. Created a WAVES address. Transferred some assets (e.g. BTC, ETH, USD, EUR) to your WAVES wallet. But you are not able to buy any WAVES on DEX, because your WAVES balance is below 0.003?

If this is your situation, you came to the right place to get help :)!
Just enter your WAVES address below and click on "Jumpstart Me!". We will send you the needed 0.003 WAVES for your first WAVES buy!

Important: You really should buy WAVES in the first step, as WAVES are the fuel of the WavesPlatform and are needed to pay the fees for different services (e.g. DEX trades, asset transfers). If you buy another coin at first, your WAVES balance will go back to 0 again and you won't be able to buy WAVES or transfer any assets.

Please use this service only, if you want to buy WAVES and you are in the above described situation. Thanks!
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Any questions? Please send an email to wavesmining at gmail dot com. We are happy to help.
Contact: wavesmining at gmail dot com | WAVES address: 3PPRLpTAn9ku11YpPh1YfZcojCgopeet6er |